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If you want to feel confident and comfortable during your wedding dance and you want to delight all your wedding guests check out our beautiful choreographies for the first danceYou can choose from over 50 beautiful and easy to learn choreographies. 

Every online wedding dance course is divided into several parts. Dividing the course into smaller parts simplifies material revisions and  the course navigation. The knowledge is organized and learning is more efficient.

lifts alternatives

All our wedding dance courses are intended for beginners – we will teach you everything step by step from basics. The first dance online is a perfect option for you if you want to learn effectively and stress-free and if you value a relaxed, homely atmosphere.

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wedding dance tutorials you receive permanent access to the dance platform. You can access using computer, smartphone, tablet etc. Start your online dance class today and dance like nobody’s watching!

Wedding First Dance Lessons - A Helpful Guide

A wedding is the start of a fresh beginning. It symbolizes the union of love, a lifelong commitment. The ceremony officiates this union and ensures that the bride and the groom are now bound together. People give their heart and soul to make the wedding ceremony successful. 

From the proper ceremony practices to the decoration of the wedding hall, from delicious cuisine to catchy music, everything has to be taken care of. But the bride and groom’s first dance is the moment everyone looks forward to the most. If you want to prepare well for your first wedding dance and if you want the wedding dance to be special, we strive to give you the best wedding first dance lessons to make the occasion perfect.

Why is the first wedding dance so significant?

The first dance of the wedding performed by the bride and groom signifies their unity and love. However, the first dance cannot be seen merely as a practice. The most important are their emotions and the memories they create. We understand that the way the bride and groom dance should give away how they feel about each other. Their dance steps, their expressions, and how in tune they are with the music, is easy to make us learn how they love each other.. Therefore,  we want your first wedding dance to reveal joy, unity, love, and harmony for this new beginning.

The wedding first dance, hence, holds a significant place. If you are worrying that you have two left feet or if the dance has always intimidated you, the good news is that you can always take aid from Dance From Home. We offer you wedding dance classes online. The dance course is divided into several parts. In each part we explain the next part of the choreography step by step. With a website interface that is easy to use, you can navigate through each lesson effectively.

Why should you take online wedding dance classes?

When you take a wedding dance online class, you can practice the dance at your home’s comfort. You can also practice at your own pace whenever and wherever you want.  You can always choose to go back and learn the routine again – you have unlimited access to the wedding dance course.

No matter what’s your favorite song, in Dance From Home we help learn a dance routine easily, in a comfortable way. All we want you to feel is confident, comfortable and happy when you are dancing with the joy of your wedding and the start of a new life. From La Vie En Rose to Elvis Presley’s Can’t Help Falling In Love, you can learn any dance routine with Dance From Home’s friendly and professional wedding dance classes instructors – Anna & Matt.

Final Thoughts

If you want to dance like nobody’s watching, you have to practice the dance with nobody watching. We help you get the best wedding first dance lessons online and perform the best wedding first dance your guests have ever witnessed – dance full of confidence, love and all the beautiful emotions.

Choose your wedding dance choreography and we’ll see you on the dance floor!

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