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Connected with dance since childhood. Started her adventure from ballet and acrobatics. Later, she began attending ballroom dancing classes taking part in numerous national and  international tournaments. She won class B in the Latin american and standard style. She has a dance instructor card with a specialization in ballroom dancing and is a founder of Centrum Baila dance school.

Gained experience as a performer and a  choreographer on the Spanish stage during various dance shows or acting performances, staging i.a. Broadway Show The Lion King, The Greatest Showman, or Chicago.

Finally, she found her calling in the field of social dance. During her stay in Spain, she learned about such styles as bachata, salsa, kizomba and Brazilian zouk. Since then, she has been constantly training and perfecting her skills during numerous festivals and international workshops, learning from the best dancers in the world. She specializes in Brazilian zouk style as shown by numerous workshops and international dance festivals, where she acts as an artist / instructor.

As a dance teacher, she always shares her positive energy with students and ensures a joyful atmosphere during her classes. She pays special attention to naturalness, comfort and pleasure in dancing. She pays great attention for the dance to be safe and free from injuries. Working with both adults and the youngest is a great pleasure for her – she loves to share her passion for dance and a positive attitude to life.

She has graduated from the Wrocław University of Technology with the title of MSc. Eng. at the Faculty of Chemistry. Apart from dancing, she is interested in traveling and learning foreign languages. Among other things, the passion for Latin American rhythms was her motivation behind learning Spanish.

He started his dancing adventure in elementary school in the school dancing group. Soon after the start of the dance classes, it was announced that the children would soon start learning dance in a couple. Due to his inborn shyness, he had to stop dancing …

… until high school when he decided it was the time to get out of his comfort zone and learn to dance in a couple, he began attending a latino ballroom dance course. This is how his adventure with dance began, this time for good. He started attending dance classes at dance schools, learning, among others, such styles as standard latino ballroom dancing, salsa, kizomba, jazz, contemporary dance, bachata, west coast swing and … brazilian zouk, which he fell in love with.

He began to participate in the dance festivals and workshops, learning from the best dance teachers. At the same time, he was intensively involved in the development of the local dance community by organizing dance events, workshops and conducting dance classes in the Tricity.

For him, dance is about opening up to another person, sharing the joy of experiencing music together and expressing his emotions in movement.

He dances to share his joy with others. He teaches people to help others discover the beauty of dance. As an instructor, he focuses his attention on the joy of dancing, pair communication as well as musicality and improvisation skills.

Besides dancing, he is interested in travel and personal development.

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