Dance styles for the first wedding dance – choose the right one

If you’re searching for the perfect song and choreography for your wedding first dance, you probably noticed that there are many dance styles, steps and figures from around the world. Knowing their characteristics will help you to choose the right one, which is perfectly matched to your preferences. In this article, we introduce to you eachof dance styles, that we use while creating our wedding dance choreographies.


Which dance styles are the most popular for the first wedding dance?

There is a belief that on this special day, it is worth opting for classic inspirations. Because of this, the first dance at a wedding is usually the Viennese waltz or the English waltz (known also as slow waltz). But we believe, that the most important thing, is to match dance style with both of you – your personalities, capabilities and likings. So here are all of the interesting dance styles that are sure to work well at your wedding.

English waltz

The English waltz is a classic dance style that is characterized by elegant, graceful movements. The couple dances in a frame to the rhythm of the music, taking smooth steps with a characteristic rise and fall movement. It is a slow dance, where the couple “flows” on the dance floor, which creates an unforgettable end result. Example of the wedding dance choreography in which we have used the English waltz is Elton John’s – Can You Feel the Love Tonight.

Viennese Waltz

The Viennese waltz is perfect for the first dance. The couple dances in the frame, spinning dynamically on the dance floor to the rhythm of the music. This style is relatively easy to learn, and at the same time very impressive. If you hesitate and if you are not sure what to choose – it is definitely worth betting on the Viennese waltz.

Examples of songs that are based on the Viennese waltz for which we created wedding dance courses: A Thousand Years, You are the reason and Can’t help falling in love.


Rumba is a style of dance that is associated with romance and sensuality. The couple dances to the rhythm of Latin American music, making delicate, soft movements with the hips and the entire body. Rumba requires the couple to learn the technique and feel the rhythm, but the end result leaves everyone in awe. 

An example of choreography in which we have used rumba is Thinking Out Loud and Forever my love by Ed Sheeran.

Party dance

There are many types of party dance styles: discofox, disco samba, 2 on 2. If your wedding dance choreography is based on this style, you will be able to use the same steps during parties and weddings. Usually this style is more dynamic, so it is a perfect choice for you if you are searching for fast songs for your first dance. 

Examples of choreographies based on party dance: Dancing in the moonlight, Everything, Dandelions.


This is the most sensual dance style for your wedding dance that you can imagine. Bachata is danced in a close embrace, it is a passionate style characterized by sensual hip movements. This dance is very romantic and relatively easy to master. 

You can find elements of bachata in these choreographies: Love me like you do, Stand by me, Enchanted.


Tango is a style of dance that is associated with passion. The couple dances to the rhythm of tango music, making sharp, decisive movements. Tango requires a certain amount of technique and training from the couple, but the electrifying effect is worth the effort.

All of the mentioned dance styles are popular for the first dance, as they are characterized by elegant, sensual and romantic movements and figures. Check out our choreographies and choose one that you feel is the most suitable for both of you.

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